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From Belgium, Bart Ramakers grew up on the banks of the Meuse River, not far from the Van Eyck brothers’ hometown. From early childhood, under the influence of his father, an art lover, and inspired by the Flemish Masters, he immerses himself with historic tales, music, painting, baroque and romantic opera. At the Maasmechelen academy, he studies graphic technics. At the same time, he discovers the Classics such as the Fantastic Symphony, Othello, the Rite of Spring, Faustus and Lady Macbeth. This union between resounding, narrative and graphic landscapes matches perfectly with his art. He completes his studies and slakes his interest with a history degree at the University of Louvain in the 1970s.

His creations were then essentially in black and white, as were the cartoons. His first drawings exhibition in Louvain was such a great success that all the drawings were sold. Under the influence of Rubens or Manara, the feminine nude was already at the time an important part of his work.


In twenty years and two weddings, Bart Ramakers had a career in communication and marketing. In 2009, he launches his first artistic career after having apprehended for a long time the cinematographic subject, pictorial and also musical. At the heart of Bart Ramakers’ work, the influence of the classic myths and legends and other tales. The Christian moral of suffering and guilt is also omnipresent via multiple references to the history of art, the whole thing transformed under a lighter angle. His photographic paintings are nevertheless imbued with harrowing human feelings; passion and betrayal, love and hate, desire and jealousy. A sense of humour, irony and sarcasm also punctuates his compositions.

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Workshop - Bart Ramakers

December 9th, 2018

Workshop - Bart Ramakers

9 & 10 february, 2019

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