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Photography captures a moment, ephemeral, everyday life. Far from stereotypes, glitters and the frivolity of the small screen, Nikos Aliagas’ photographic work represents this life. The life, that is exactly what it is about here: seize the moment, the body and the soul, make the boundaries of death and oblivion disappear. Take a fresh look at Nikos Aliagas, forget about the TV man, as he has a sharp eye, a fixed look on life. In his artwork, some authentic and piercing looks, tired and marked faces tell us the strong stories they hold.


The use of black and white, highly contrasted, allows the lightening of the faces and the hands shot in close-up, worn out by age and work. This absence of colour also offers a reinforced intimacy, underlining the flaws, imperfections, folds deepened by time and life. An intimate approach then emerges from his photography. Celebrities or nobodies, seen around the corner of a street, these are Nikos Aliagas’ portraits. He catches fragile moments, without artifice. His photography is deeply humanist, looking for the inner light, the one that shines through people.


A photographer recognised by his peers, he doesn’t hesitate to share his work and his love for photography during exhibitions, either at the Palais Brongniart, at the Conciergerie, at the Villers Abbey in Belgium or at the Maison Européenne de la photographie in Lille (Lille-based House of Photography).


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Le Turk

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Julien Benhamou

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