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Renée Jacobs

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Born in Philadelphia and living in Los Angeles, Renée Jacobs begins by working freelance in various newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer and starts with photojournalism. Preoccupied by environmental issues, she publishes a book on the “Slow Burn” subject. She then turns to law which she practices for fifteen years as a civil and constitutional rights lawyer. “Too serious”, according to herself, she slowly turns to nude photography to completely give up on the practice of law as a calling and come back to photography. In 2006, she is rewarded for a nude photograph.


Nowadays, Renée Jacobs is one of the most famous feminine nude photographer. Numerous exhibitions and publications are devoted to her worldwide. Intimacy is at the heart of her photography. She thus offers a sensual and sensorial interpretation of the woman, projected to the eyes of the viewer just like a secret. This intimacy is transposed in a black and white world, we have access to an oneiric world without any erotic vulgarity, full of fantasies, desires and passions. Sometimes a voyeur and sometimes an exhibitionist, her representation of the woman moves in a natural environment. She unwinds, going beyond all forbidden things: she exists, she lives, proud, powerful and sexual.


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