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Photography Masterclass

Photographic Experience

Season 1 - Session 9



september 29th & 30th, 2018, Merelbeke, Belgique

The Normal Academy presents Frank de Mulder, nude beauty and body photographer, acclaimed by critics, exhibited around the world and edited 5 times by Taschen.

Over two days, September 29 and 30, Frank de Mulder will share with you and 7 other students his techniques and experiences, reveal the secrets of his shots, his relationship with the models, the editing of his images. You will have the privilege to evolve in an idyllic world with 2 models used to the art of nude, who will guide you in your shots.


.A two-day ultimate experience

.The advice of a photographer internationally renowned for her nudes

.2 professional models at your disposal

.The artist's photography studio, his workshop, his artistic world open just for you, during the time of the session

.An idyllic location

.MUA, stylism, editor and assistants to help you get the best result: the most beautiful photography


2 days with Frank de Mulder (and 2 models)
Saturday, september 29 & sunday 30, 2018


Let yourself be carried away by the aesthetic world of Frank de Mulder for a weekend. Enter his studio, open for you during this exceptional experience, before heading to a dream location accompanied by the team and the models. Create your own work of art between graphic purity and desire for the forbidden.


With the Master and the company of two professional models, you will have the privilege to sublimate the body of the woman, capture the moments of intimacy and beauty, immortalize the sensual and erotic. During this Masterclass you will capture stagings that combine dramatic and erotic tensions, romantic and luxurious. Thus, during these two days, you will discover how the photographer realizes his stagings. You will attend the preparation, his methods, his technical and artistic approach to arm you to build your staff and leave with your art picture. You will take your time to shoot by yourself, assisted by the Master and all the team present on site to accompany you, for you to leave with the perfect photograph!






-Language: English

-Location: Belgium

-Required level: intermediate to professional

-Required material: participants must come with their own material and ready to shoot: digital camera ( reflex or hybrid body and lens), battery, charger, memory card.
- Masterclass starts at 9.00 on saturday with a presentation breakfast, and ends at 17.30 on sunday

What is included:

-The Masterclass

-Meals: breakfast, lunch, with models, team and master

What isn't included:
-Not being legally authorised to offer accommodation proposals, it will not be included in the workshop. Nevertheless we can advice you and guide you to the closest hotels, hostels or Bed and Breakfasts.

-The cost of transportation to the workshop location

-All insurance for stolen or broken material during the Experience
Dries Dali + 33 6 44 68 54 32, from monday to friday, 2pm to 6pm


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