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Photography Masterclass

Photographic Experience


Season 1 - Session 6


1st december 2018, Paris-Pantin, 93500

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Normal Academy presents all the first workshops open to public of Julien Benhamou, the photographer of the Opera de Paris, devoted to dance, portrait, movement and nude.

On the 1st of december, Julien Benhamou will share with you and 6 other students his techniques and experiences, will reveal the secrets of his shots, his lighting effects. You will have the privilege to learn next to two professional dancers, a woman and a man, ballet dancers and academic dancers, you will have the opportunity to exchange with them, to direct them, chose a narrative and be the choreographer of your own ballet.


.An eight-hour long ultimate experience

.The advice of an expert in dance and movement picture

.Two academic professional dancers at your disposal

.An overly nonstandard location to make the most intense shots

.MUA and assistants to help you get the best results: the most beautiful picture


1 day with Julien Benhamou
Saturday 1 december 2018


Spend a day with Julien Benhamou to study, exchange, learn and realise your picture with an expert in dance picture, a creative talent in the art of directing and seizing the moving body. Plunge in the heart of the vision, techniques and artistic – almost philosophical – approach of this photographer famous for his work and the interaction between his subjects.

The goal of the masterclass is to observe and create while getting a feedback on the participants’ approach and picture. We are talking about a whole day of shooting with Julien Benhamou and two professional dancers, two academic dancers, ballet dancers or opera dancers, a woman and a man.Plunge into the creation of a body, movement, nude and especially artistic picture.


Each participant will be asked to prepare his influences, some pictures, paintings, sculptures, an iconographic research which will allow to get to the conception of a project. The Master will first check your (attention français: ses inspirations et ensuite vous serez amenes:chiosir l’un des 2) influences and criticize them. Second of all, you will be asked to follow the research for poses, setting up the lights, directing the models under the supervision and the advice of the Master before taking the lead directing, orchestrating and realising your own scenario, your ballet, your picture. You will take the time to shoot alone with the Master’s help, the dancers and a team on site to assist you. Finally, you will choose the right picture with the models and the Master.





-Language: French

-Location: Pantin, France, Paris

-Required level: intermediate to professional

-Required material: participants must come with their own material and ready to shoot: digital camera ( reflex or hybrid body and lens), battery, charger, memory card.

What is included:

-The Masterclass at the beginning of the day

-French caterer buffet, with the team and the Master

What isn't included:

-The cost of transportation to the workshop location

-All insurance for stolen or broken material during the Experience ​ Or Dries Dali + 33 6 44 68 54 32, from monday to friday, 2pm to 6pm




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