Photography Masterclass

Photographic Experience

Season 1



From june 9th to june 13, 2019, Iceland

The Normal Academy presents the very first workshop abroad and open to the individuals of Sébastien Roignant, on a panel of disciplines, including nature, portrait, nude, landscape.


From June 9 to June 13, 2019, photographer and talented animator Sébastien Roignant will share with you and 3 other students his techniques and experiences, reveal the secrets of his staging, and his journeys. You will have the privilege of evolving in an exceptional setting: a trip and a photographic road trip to Iceland.


. 5 days of ultimate experience

. The advice of one of the greatest of the discipline and animator emeritus

. 1 professional models

. A route programmed for you

. An exceptional setting with a multitude of different landscapes and panoramas, depending on the route

. Several disciplines taught


5 days with Sébastien Roignant
june 9 to june 13, 2019

Share a stay with Sébastien Roignant and dive into a unique world marked by the influence of nature, imagination and beauty. Photographer and host of the Youtube channel F / 1.4, Sébastien Roignant will share with you his experience, his secrets and methods.


Experience a spectacular and out-of-the-ordinary adventure, explore iconic and hidden lands of the Icelandic region, a flourishing and diverse nature: waterfalls, moss fields, black sand beaches, ice lagoons.



On the program (designed and produced under the artistic direction of the Master himself):

- The full program will be available within a few days.

- Language: French

- Location: Islande

- Required level: intermediate to professional

- Required material: participants must come with their own material and ready to shoot: digital camera ( reflex or hybrid body and lens), battery, charger, memory card.

What is included:

-The Masterclass at the beginning of the day
-The models

What isn't included:

-The cost of transportation to the workshop location
-Not being legally authorised to offer accommodation proposals, it will not be included in the workshop. Nevertheless we can advice you and guide you to the closest hotels, hostels or Bed and Breakfasts.

-All insurance for stolen or broken material during the Experience ​ Or Dries Dali + 33 6 44 68 54 32, from monday to friday, 2pm to 6pm



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